Do you have a quilt top that needs quilting? Then you have come to the right place. There are numerous options to make your wishes come true and stay within your budget at the same time.
Denise Gmeiner~here for your quilting needs
Statler Overall 
$0.01 per sq. inch
This includes hundreds of overall designs that are programed on the statler quilting machine with no special border quilting. The statler is a computerized quilting machine that is known for its precision.  This is great for busy quilts where intricate stitching would be lost in the fabrics.

Handguided Overall
$0.015 per. sq. inch
This is for the traditionalist who would prefer to have an overall design that is hand guided. This is done by following a pantograph or stitching out a freehand design. These are well suited to quilts or comforters that will be heavily used or that have busy fabrics, which would hide more intricate quilting. There are a variety of patterns to pick from such as pinecones, butterflies and daisies, kittens etc.

Overall Feather/ Baptist Fan
$0.02 per. sq. inch
My signiture award winning overall feathers and variations or the traditional baptist fan.

Custome Quilting
$0.02 per. sq. inch
Includes quilting that is specific to your creation, such as stitch-in-the-ditch or ¼” outlining, small meandering or texturing, or any two patterns.  An example of the latter would be a single pattern over the main portion of the quilt plus a different but complementary pattern in the border.  Outlining emphasizes your piecework or the patterns in printed fabric.

Creative Quilting
$0.025 per. sq. inch
A creative mixture of multiple designs and patterns that accentuate the quilt. This includes 3 or more designs on a quilt including the border, saching or outlining plus additional patterns in the center of the quilt. Any combination of patterns or designs, including your own, can be used to accent your creation.

Intricate Heirloom Quilting
0.03 per. sq. inch
This is everything in the creative level plus inticate background fillers. The final product will be one you will be proud to show, give as a gift, or pass down as a family heirloom.

Pricing Example
Measure your quilt by the length and the width and multiply it by the cost.  Let’s say your quilt measures 66”x 87”, and you would like a statler overall. Multiply the length by the width: 66 x 87 = Now multiply by the 0.01:
5742 x 0.01 = 57.42.  The cost of the quilting would be $57.42.
Tips for Quilt Top Preparation

Other Services and Charges

Minimum charge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  $25.00

Thread charges during quilting  ~~~  $5.00  
                                                   (unless  specialty thread)

Shipping and insurance ~~~~~~~~~  Actual Cost

Basting service for those who  ~~~~ $0.05 per. sq. inch
wish to do their own quilting    

Hand finished binding ~~~~~~~~~~  $0.15/inch

Backing and batting ~~~~~~~~~~~~ See price list below

Rush requests will be accommodated when possible with additional $20.00 charge

Why Have Your Quilt Quilted Professionaly?
If you are not totally satisfied and are willing to pull out all the stitches, I will be willing to re-quilt it at no charge.
Batting Prices

Hobbs Poly Down 100% polyester
$0.15 per linear inch

Hobbs 80/20
$0.20 per linear inch

Hobbs 80/20 Black 
$0.25 per linear inch

Hobbs Heirloom 100% cotton 
$0.25 per linear inch

Backing Prices

45 inch bleached or unbleached muslin
$4.00 per yard

108 inch unbleached muslin
$8.00 per yard